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Hello 👋 Pixel & Bloom: A Spotlight on the Brand's Journey

If you've been following me for a while you will have noticed - I've had a rebrand! I wanted to answer some questions I know you'll be wanting to ask, and a bit about how I got here...

So, why did you go through a rebrand?

Making it easier for you to access a variety of design services in one place

I bet you didn't know that you could get more from me than just a greetings card! You can now find graphic design or bespoke design services along with patterns on products. You can get anything you need here - from a sheet of wrap to a full branding exercise for your business! I also design invitations, custom cards and gifts - there's no job too big or too small.

Creating a place to explore design services in more detail

You can really decide what you need from Pixel & Bloom. All design disciplines are outlined as to how they could benefit you and your idea. Design is applied to absolutely everything (and if it isn't - it should be!) and it can get overwhelming, I wanted to create a hub that was friendly, open and honest about services, costs, and expectations.

To help people bloom and grow!

I love small business and am obsessed with how people do it. I love seeing everyone's creative ideas and how they've applied them to their careers. I love being able to help with the design journey and providing a service that isn't always accessible to small companies or sole traders either due to skill level, money or time. I want to let people know that design doesn't have to be feared or something that they can't get right - if you have a great idea you can turn it into something amazing!

Rebranding and Pixel and Bloom elements
Pixel and Bloom is here to help you grow in all areas of design

What does your new brand name mean?

All my work starts with a pixel, and an idea

A pixel is one of the small dots or squares that make up an image on a screen. The more pixels you put together, the more an image takes shape, becomes clearer, and looks more accurate.

I liken pixels to ideas. They start small but with the right application and action you can build on them and make them into something big, clear and functioning. Design application goes a long way in helping these ideas flourish and succeed.

Although I don't technically illustrate with pixels (I use vector!) I do illustrate and create digitally so I wanted to use Pixel as the digital representation of this.

I love problem solving with design and am an ideas person

I love taking an idea, no matter how small and bringing it to life for people whether that be on product, or in business.

Helping ideas grow, flourish and bloom into fully realised projects is my favourite thing (and I have a bloom related surname) so I just had to use Bloom too.

I've met and helped lots of businesses build their brand and it's always started with a little idea. I then take that idea, turn it into pixels and then we watch the business grow - and bloom! So it was as simple as that - Pixel and Bloom, Plant a Pixel - Grow and Idea.

Working on new designs
Blooming ideas from tiny pixels!

What's different about your company now?

For those who have been with me for a while now (thank you!) you won't notice any changes

I still have a shop, I still design patterns and turn them into products - and I still absolutely love this side of my business. I will continue to add more and more seasonal designs for all occasions - you can still spread lots of happy with my greetings cards!

The things that have changed are only bigger and better additions!

You can see all my design services in one place, so if you do need a bespoke card, or invite - you now know to come to Pixel & Bloom, I'm not just off the shelf.

I can also design for you and your business, large, medium or small too. I specialise in branding so can work on your logo, brand book or website. Or if you have an existing brand, I can help you align your design more, tidy up your social media or simply get things streamlined.

If you need regular, one-off or big project design support and need a graphic designer, I can help with that too.

What can I expect as a customer after your rebranding?

More varied design content

It won't all be about cards and wraps now (don't fear, they will be featured still as I love them!)

The shop will be the same - and quicker access to other stores

Whether you shop on my website, through Etsy, CASETiFY or Spoonflower - all the links are on this website now so there's no need to bookmark everything or go through all your emails trying to find them.

Got any other questions for me? Be sure to let me know - I'd be happy to fill you in with more Pixel & Bloom news!

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