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Learn Design

Helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a designer, or teaching you skills to help you with everyday design tasks. Learn design and watch yourself bloom!


Learning with me

If you are struggling to create that flyer in Microsoft Word, or that advert in PowerPoint - it's because that's the software for presentations and documents, not beautiful and successful marketing materials!

I think the ideal way to master a new software is to use it as you go. So let's design that flyer together in Adobe InDesign, let's build some social media templates in Illustrator! Pick a project, pick a software and I will teach you how to do it and you'll have the skills to take forward into another project - and a piece of ready made collateral for your business to use!

Learn as you make - software

If you have Adobe software but don't know where to start, start with me and let's build something together! COMING SOON - Contact me to join the waitlist


Learn as you grow - Open an Etsy store! 

COMING SOON - Register your interest by contacting me

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