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Hi there!


I’m Christine,  

I’m the founder, designer and ideas person at Pixel & Bloom Creative Studio. So pleased to have you here. Here's a little bit more about me and what I do in and around the studio...

How I got here...

I’ve officially been a graphic designer for 18 years after pursuing an art career that started when my primary school teacher noticed my painting skills in the classroom at age 5. The teacher asked my mum to come in and see her, which she was probably nervous about, but turns out she told her that I was pretty good at painting and I guess my love for it started there - I have a lot to thank that teacher for! I spent my school years in art, media and design and graduated into my dream career as a graphic designer in publishing and web design.


I discovered surface pattern design in 2015 and couldn’t believe that making patterns and prints could actually be a job! So I added more design strings to my bow and opened my own shop and business.


Now I like to combine my love of all things design and continue to freelance for businesses and entrepreneurs, and design fabrics and stationery for makers.


Why Pixel & Bloom?

All my work starts with a pixel, and an idea. I help ideas grow, flourish and bloom into fully realised projects (and I have a bloom related surname) so it just had to be Pixel & Bloom!

I love problem solving with design and am an ideas person. I love taking an idea, no matter how small and bringing it to life and making it bloom and grow. 


My Design


Clean and clear design that evokes emotion, tells a story, and has a sense of occasion.


I want people who see my designs to be inspired to take action!















Craft / Hobby / Passion


Some other things about me

What I'm most proud of in my business:

Diversifying, continually learning, and growing as I go

When I'm not designing you'll find me:

Crocheting, reading, walking, watching a film, and most recently - quilting!

Favourite thing about what I do:

Coming up with new ideas, learning new skills 

Something you may not know about me:

I didn't drink coffee until I was 40 and now I have one every day!


Let's Connect

I post on Instagram the most and share to my Facebook page, but the best news comes from my monthly newsletter. You can find connections below...

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