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7 cards you might need in March, and other dates for your diary

It's March - are you card ready? Here are a few cards you might need throughout the month and a few other dates you might like to know about this March.

1. A card for a Spring Birthday

It's March, and Spring! Pretty Spring flowers are on the way so why not celebrate with a bright, flowery card.

2. World Wildlife Day - 3rd March

It's World Wildlife Day on the 3rd and there's no better way to celebrate it than with an animal themed card. Got a birthday that day or a need a card for an animal lover? This one is perfect for it all!

3. Card for a Wonder Woman - International Women's Day is on the 8th March

It's International Women's Day on the 8th. Why not send a card to those amazing women in your life to remind them how wonderful they are, or to tell them what a good job they are doing?

4. It's British Science Week! 10th-19th March

Send a card to celebrate science you ask?! Well why not, but if that's a bit of a stretch even for the most avid card sender, why not send a cosmic themed birthday card to someone instead.

5. Red Nose Day is celebrated on the 17th

It's all about having fun, and caring, so we chose a funny card to mark the occasion. Find out more about comic relief here:

6. It's Mother's Day on the 19th March

Celebrate Mum with lots of energy, love and sentiment! Here's one of our favourites...

7. Earth hour - 25th March 8.30pm, local time

Switch off and give an hour back to Earth. We picked a card that's all about why the Earth is so important - the life within it. Find out more about what this is about here:

We showed these and other cards for these events at our March live over on Instagram.

Watch our get ready for March chat and live.

We are going live on the first weekend of the month for 15-20 minutes. Our next lives are:

Friday 31st March at 7.30pm and

Saturday 1st April at 8.30am

To follow our live events simply log on to Instagram and follow us

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