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Ask me anything! 8 questions you have asked...

This April, I'm celebrating 8 years of my design business and you've had lots of questions for me! I thought it was worth updating my ask me anything, so I've chosen 8 questions to answer about me, business, and anything else in between.

Happy Birthday Pixel & Bloom!

1. Favourites

You wanted to know about a lot of favourites, so here are a quick few for you!...

Film - Lion King. I could watch this film over and over and I go and see the West End show multiple times too!

Food - Pizza. I love bread and cheese, but adding toppings is an extra bonus - so pizza it is!

Colour - this changes all the time. I'm drawn to coral oranges at the moment - it's all the Pixel & Bloom rebranding I've done this year!

Season - Autumn. Bright, sunny days, crisp air, crunchy sounds, jumpers, hot chocolates, the list could go on...

Product - Of mine? I love designing patterns the most so my wraps and fabrics are my favourites.

2. Where do you run your business from?

From my home! I have enough space for a desk and photo set up in one room and then space for storing and packing my products in another. It works!

3. What is a typical day in your business?

This is a tough one as no two days are the same. As I write this, most of my day has been writing, making website changes, and stock taking but some days can all be about drawing, creating patterns and just making art! There's also all these other thing to fit in too: planning, research, packing, creating, marketing, ideas, and that's just a bit of it! They are busy days!

4. What materials do I need to start my own design business?

If you want to start a design business then you absolutely need a computer. I also recommend investing in, and learning, the Adobe suite. There are lots of other programs out there but this is the industry standard. InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are your essentials. If you want to draw digitally then I recommend getting a Wacom or an iPad and Pencil so you can get those sketches directly onto your machine.

5. Biggest mistake / lesson

There have been lots of little ones like things printing incorrectly or me investing in the wrong products - or not investing enough! But the biggest thing that disrupts my business more than anything is - comparison! When I stick to my own lane, make decisions for the business that are not based on what someone else is doing or what trend is happening, then the best things happen. I'm also an over thinker, so if I just let go and go for things, then mistakes happen a lot less frequently!

6. Goals for the business - and any personal ones too please!

Licensing my designs is high on my goal list this year. I love seeing my patterns on products - can't wait to see them on a whole range of new ones this year with different companies.

I love designing for the seasons and have put in place a seasonal plan, so I'm filling in any gaps in my portfolio with these - let me know if there are any seasonal celebrations that you would like to see!

Personal ones, I'm reading more, want to grow a few new things in the garden this summer, and make another quilt!

7. Future plans

Build, grow, learn - always to learn.

8. Your inspiration?

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. is a modern day inspiration and William Morris is my classic inspiration.

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