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5 reasons to subscribe to the Happy Post Club

September sees the launch of our new Happy Post Club - Card Collective! We've put together 5 reasons why it's a great thing to join.

1. Never miss a birthday or occasion again!

Tired of rushing to the shops every time you remember a friends birthday at the last minute or frustrated that you don't have a card handy for a special, or sad, occasion? With a delivery of 4 cards a month (at least two of these are birthday cards) you should never have to worry about this again! You can add to your current stash or create a new one! Cards will be seasonally themed to help you in a greetings card crisis!

2. Lots of freebies!

If you subscribe to The Happy Post Club - Card Collective for 3 months or more you will receive lots of extras on top of your 4 cards:

1 month - 4 gorgeous cards, curated by me, sent to you in the post

3 months - 4 cards in the post per month + a 15% discount code to use on all full price products

6 months - 4 cards + 15% discount + A welcome gift

12 months - 4 cards + 15% discount + A welcome gift + An exclusive tin to keep your cards in

3. A 15% off discount

When you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months you will receive a unique 15% off code that entitles you to 15% off my entire website for the duration of your subscription - nice!

4. A subscription makes a nice year-long gift for someone

A gift that keeps on giving! If you have a stationery loving friend who could do with a bit of organisation too, then this is the perfect gift! Or if it's something you would like - why not drop them a hint! Use this link and tell them to add it to your birthday or Christmas list!

5. Get organised!

And take things off of your to do list! We think that's what we wanted to do most with the Card Collective. Help you get organised and take things off of your to do list. Having something delivered directly to your door without you having to even leave the house is the ultimate in organisation!

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