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A beautifully scented candle, hand made with premium soy wax and scents.


Comes in a beautifully handrawn box that looks just like a garden shed. You can see into the windows and around the edges at the wellies, pots and wheelbarrow!


This fresh floral smelling candle, from my limited edition hand made collection, is the perfect gift for a gardener lover, birthdays, house warmings, or just to cheer someones day. And you don't even need to wrap it up when the box is as pretty as this!


Burn time: around 12 hours burn time

Dimensions: 6.5cm x 5.3cm

Volume: 90ml

Made in: hand poured in my West Sussex studio, UK

The Fragrance: fresh Spring garden blossom and ripe fruits, mellowed with a vanilla musk

Garden Shed - Garden Blossom scented candle

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