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A range of beautifully scented candles celebrating wellness and self care that focus on activating and balancing your chakras with fragrance that aligns and enlivens.


This candle is Earth for the root chakra. Use the affirmation 'I am' and connect with the scent of frankincence and myrrh to support, ground, and centre your root chakra. 


Perfect for meditations, rituals or simply lit when needed, this candle aims to support healing and balance. Designed and hand poured in West Sussex, using soy wax and fragrance oils purchased in the UK. The bold and fresh colour palette and clean design create candles that fit in your environment and sit with whatever decor you have. Plus they smell amazing!


Each candle is presented in clear glass and is filled with a natural soy wax in a box labeled with the bold chakra design and has around 25 hours burn time.


The dimensions of this candle are 8.5cm x 6.5cm.


Other candles available:

Earth - Frankincence and Myrrh 'I am' to centre, support and ground the root chakra

Revive - Ylang Ylang 'I feel' for passion, fertility, and joy through the sacral chakra

Create - Sweet Lemon 'I do' to feel empowered, confident, and motivated through the solar plexus 

Feel - Ylang Ylang + Rose 'I love' for compassion, forgiveness and self-love for the heart chakra (higher and lower)

Believe - Camomile 'I speak' for trust, truth, and self-expression for the throat chakra

Imagine - Sandelwood 'I see' for intuition, imagination, and clear vision through the third eye chakra

See - Vanilla Musk 'I understand' for awareness, wisdom and connection through the crown chakra


Earth - Root Chakra Candle - Centre, Support, Ground

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