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Will you join me in a challenge?...

I always want to take part in a creative prompt challenge. I did one a few years back and loved it! (Wow I've just looked back over my Instagram and it was back in 2016!!)

I often see the monthly prompts that people do on Instagram and am always so inspired as I follow them over the days and see all their creations.

I did a 100daysofcollectivenouns nouns one which was lots of fun. I came across some really interesting names too!

And I did this animalalphabet one back in 2016...

So what's this years challenge?

I have decided to create my own one this year and as advent is coming up too I'm going to do one on the run up to Christmas in December - will you join me?

It is Christmas themed to get us in the mood for the festive season and the prompts, although very Christmassy, are open to interpretation!

What is it all about?

You create something every day based on the prompt given for that day. You don't have to do every day, maybe just do one a week, or even just follow the hashtag on Instagram and see all the creations!

Do I have to draw?

Not at all! You can draw, paint, collage, take a photo, write something, make something - anything that gets your creative juices flowing!

Is there a deadline?

Nope! This is just a bit of fun. Enjoy it!

Do I have to share it?

Not if you don't want to. It's just a bit of fun. I'll be posting mine on Instagram using #anadventchristmaschallenge2021 so you can either do the same, send them in to me, or just keep them for yourself!

Hints and Tips

  1. Set time aside every day for this - even if you know you only have 5 minutes - make it doable. I did this with the challenges above. Kept my designs simple. Nothing I couldn't fit in to 30 minutes a day.

  2. Keep to a 'style' or palette as this will help all your creations sit together by the end. All my drawings were on postcards for the 100 day challenge so I could keep them all together too.

  3. Don't stress! There might be a day when you simply don't have time, but don't worry! It's only fun. Just do 2 the next day - or skip it!

  4. Not inspired by the days prompt? Choose another one or make your own! Keep it fresh and fun for you so you can stick to the 24 days.

It's all about relaxing on the run up to Christmas, getting some creativity back and all about having fun. So enjoy, and I hope to see your creations in December!!


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