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What's your greetings card love language?

How do you express your feelings for someone when you give them a card? Through humorous pictures, encouraging words, or with heartfelt sentiment?

All are wonderful ways to express your feelings at anytime of year, but as it's February, and with Valentine's just round the corner, we thought we would do a little focus on the cards we have in store that will help you spread love to your favourite people.


This card is perfect for those who love to make statements full of sentiment but can't be with the ones they love at the time. Not just for Valentine's - you can send this message any time of year!


If love is all a bit too mushy and you would prefer to make them laugh then our Pun Times range is full of puns and funny animals - we love the lighthearted and silly sentiment.


We think this card is sentimental but also super simple and to the point in the best way. I Pick You - awwww. Perfect for partners and pals too - it's a lovely all rounder.


Another addition to the Pun Times range, this one is perfect for celebrating your bestie, and possible fellow tea lover too!


Show that extra special amazing lady how you feel with this simply stated card full of wonder and amazement of that super lady in your life.


If someone just needs a bit of encouragement around this time - this one is perfect to remind them that you care.

Which one would you choose?


We know how tough it is out there for everyone right now so came up with the idea of creating a free voucher download that you can print out at home, fill in and slip in to your card*. The idea is that you add something like 'Make you a cup of tea' instead of spending more money on gifts. It's the little things that count when it comes to the ones you love.

*You will be sent a downloadable voucher after purchase of a card from the Love and Valentine's section of our website. Prints at A6 at 'actual size' to fit in your card or 'scale to fit' for a larger option! Have fun! Valid February 1st-14th 2023.

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