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Easy Easter Tree Decorations

Here's a very simple way to create some unique and individual Easter tree decorations using my wrap.

If you are a dab hand at decoupage you will find this so easy. If you aren't you will find it easy too! My video is basically just a time lapse showing me glueing and sticking - that's how simple it is!

What you get though is a lovely individual egg that you can use as a tree decoration or for easter egg hunts.

All you need is:

Wrapping paper Scissors

Decoupage glue

Glue/paint brush

I used my lovely spring green floral wrap in this video but also created some decorations using my white floral wrap too.

I recommend you use my new uncoated wrap so that the glue soaks in - using quite a lot of glue is key as my wrap is thick and usual decoupage paper is very fine.

What I love about these is that no two will be the same and you can either cut out individual flowers or just cut out random shapes - both make great designs.

Enjoy, have fun and show me your makes!

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