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Colour Crushing Colour Palettes

I love putting colour swatches together so thought I would dedicate a whole blog post to them. Here are my favourites this month. I'll definitely be sharing lots more soon!

Chilled Summer

A new favourite combo for me, I've used these calming and soothing colours in contrast with deep, rich tones. These feature on my new money cards on Etsy. They are not your usual bright summer shades - but I never create a predictable palette!

Summer meadow feels

These colours really compliment and contrast - just like a summer meadow! Blush pink usually features throughout all my ranges and it's always fun pairing it with different greens. I loved using oranges and yellows in these designs which is a bit different for me.

Blooming Marvellous

My all time favourites feature here. Again, lots of blush pinks with cool, and warm, greens. The blue is a nice balance to the pinks and not often seen in floral designs so I had to use it. It creates a fresh look to florals and is definitely a palette I would like to revisit.

Not your usual Christmas palettes

I really enjoyed putting together a different kind of Christmas palette. Not a red in sight! I do love Christmas but the bold, primary colours don't really sit well with my designs. I love a deep, dark blue and this one pairs so well with the dusky pink. I couldn't resist adding a green in as a nod to the season and of course an off white for all the snow we get in the UK at this time of year (ahem!).

The Berry and Bright range sees me lean more towards a traditional palette but I still had to keep the dusky pink in there - and gold! Adding in burgundy with red makes the palette a lot warmer than traditional Christmas themes and I love the variety of greens to represent the pines and spruces that we see at this time of year.

Hope you've enjoyed this palette blog. I'm sure to do another one very soon!!



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