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3 reasons why our card packs are hot right now!

1. Spread a little joy every day

By getting organised and having a range of cards to hand you can spread joy to those you love by marking occasions that are a big deal for them.

A surprise bit of post through the door can really make someones day, can lift spirits and make people feel less lonely. It's all about human connection.

We recommend our Occasions Greetings Cards Pack for all those life events that deserve a celebration.

2. Save money - More joy for less

Everyday cards at half the price! Our card packs are only £15 for 10 cards, this makes them half price! With costs going up right now every little helps, our card packs mean you can still send on some joy and well wishes without it costing as much.

We recommend the Lucky Dip 10 for £15 - Her Birthday set for saving money on birthday cards.

3. Everyone likes a surprise!

Not only do you get organised and get to send on joy but you also get a surprise as all of our packs are selected at random! Although randomly selected, you get up to date designs from all of our collections and a great selection for a range of interests.

We recommend the Kids Greetings Card set as there are a few in there that might be good for big kids too! A versatile set.

And a bonus!

We have some specific occasion card packs too that help you celebrate events with more people. See our Easter set and Christmas sets.

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