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Revamp Your Brand: 7 Design Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Small Business

It's Spring! Forget about cleaning those kitchen cupboards and opening those windows to let the air in - what are you doing for your small business to inject a bit of new season into it?

Here are 7 things you can look at that will improve design for your business right now.

1. Pin to Profile Post

How is your Instagram account performing? What does your Instagram feed look like? Is it a bit untidy, unclear and unimaginative?

Top tip: Create one or two posts that you can pin to the top of your feed (pin to profile - this can be accessed by going into your post, pressing on the ... and then selecting 'Pin to Your Profile') Make sure they are informative ones, and preferably one that is a photo of you in your working environment - it shows people the face behind the business - people really like this. It becomes the first post they see when they land on your profile so can help tell your story and show your design style off immediately.

2. A Call To Action That Sings!

Have you got your business cards in order, materials that have call to actions, branded packaging, and collateral that engages?

Top tip: Collate all your materials together, do they have alignment? Create a call to action on all of them - add in an email address, web address or phone number. But send people to the right place, and make it worth their effort.

3. Stop Listing Your Services

Is your website not engaging, converting to sales, and looking cluttered?

Top tip: Convert those views to sales by creating stories, tell a story about what you do, don't just list your services.

4. Enliven Text With Some Imagery

Got adverts that have effective messaging but not converting into clicks or calls?

Top tip: What do your graphics look like? Could you add an image, an icon, or photo that will enliven the design, draw people in? If it's wordy, create a carousel.

5. Vision Board Your Brand

Have you only got a logo and no other elements or strategy for your brand look? Need to hand over guidelines to a designer?

Top tip: Gather a few elements and start building a brand book! Brand books are so important, they save you money and time when briefing in design work - and they also keep you on brand too! Even if it's just a mood board at this stage - go for it and get focussed.

6. Show Your Audience Something Different

Have you got wordy newsletters that don't get your expertise across or convert?

Top Tip: Create a new section that inspires your readers. Show them that you are an expert in your field, tell a story - don't just sell your products! Here are a few pointers: top tip for the month, behind the scenes, a day in the life of [you!]

7. Extra Touches That Go The Extra Mile

Are you sending the same messaging and/or graphics out to your Newsletter subscribers, social media followers, trade customers? Repurposing content is great, but also may not be relevant for all those audiences.

Top top: Get personal. Treat your newsletter subscribers as VIPs - they get the best content. Trade customers get exclusive content before retail. And social media followers get behind the scenes, working content. Personalisation is key and you will succeed if you start creating bespoke offerings for your clients.

Taking My Own Advice

Here's me taking my own advice! I gave my Spoonflower shop banner a little spring clean and came up with this graphic! It uses an established design but has a new Pixel & Bloom orange injection in it and I love it - and just had to share it. It’s a good exercise in revamping, realigning and rejuvenating. 

Pixel & Bloom logo surrounded by bright spring flowers
Pixel & Bloom Spring refresh!

Need help getting some of these steps implemented, check out my bespoke design page or contact me and I can help!

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