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Looking back and forward: Good Times

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

For those who missed out on my Instagram series in April, I've put together the posts for you here. Enjoy!

Good Times - How it all started

So this range actually started out with the name Into Spring as it was Easter focussed. The Easter designs were launched in March 2020 and were so popular that I decided a few months later that I didn’t want the designs to just be for Easter and that they could be used for a lot more cards and wrap!

So in August 2020 Good Times was created using the same florals and colour palettes. I introduced people into them (more on that tomorrow) and the range grew and grew! I think everything in this range was drawn digitally into my Wacom as we were In and out of lockdown so I needed to be able to move around and not be at my desk while trying to juggle parenting, another job and this!

Good Times - The meaning

As I mentioned above this range was created in between lockdowns and various tiers and restrictions. My actual ideas came when we were in between full lockdowns and things were starting to lift. I wanted to include people in the cards, as I had never done this before, but I also wanted to create a real sense of joy to them - like what the country was feeling at the time. I began to think about making them little people that found all these wonderful things huge and exciting and I guess kind of what we all felt when we got a taste of our freedom back again! So there are giant cakes, doughnuts, party poppers, presents and florals abound in these cards. Full of energy and fun, it was a joy to create this range!

Good Times - Card focus

So the cards were all going to be about fun and some would include tiny people among the giant fun! In these there’s a man flying out from a party popper, one resting in a giant doughnut and one jumping into a huge beer. The range is all about celebration and joy.

I created 12 birthday cards and then went on to create some celebration cards so that most happy occasions were covered. So I designed some wedding, anniversary and new baby cards too.

I also wanted to cover milestones as I had an old range sell out in the beginning of the year that I knew was going to be discontinued. These cards celebrate milestones to the max and feature playful figures sliding down numbers or standing proudly on them. The numbers are finished in gold foil and you’ll find small gold foil touches in the confetti and hats of the figures. A really joyful range celebrating the usual milestones from 16-90.

So as you can see this range was BIG! My biggest yet. I think that I had had such a break from creativity during lockdown that it all just poured out of me! It’s really helped me ‘fill the gaps’ in my card offering too so I’m very pleased to have such an extensive range to offer people.

Let me know which is your favourite - if you can pick just one!

Good Times - Wrap

So I had an existing Into Spring wrap that I launched in Easter 2020 but it was far too lovely and popular not have any complimentary wraps to go with it, so again, I moved it to the Good Times range and added in a few more designs!

I love a ditsy floral so I knew immediately that was going to be a design added to the collection. I love it when my designs contrast each other so I took the darkest hue I could, the dark blue, and made that the focus. All the florals were shrunk down and scattered all over the page to create this lovely new happy wrap.

To compliment, and contrast, I also included two stripe designs which I thought would be a good compliment to the cards I had designed too. I love a stripe and think they contrast so nicely with the pretty florals. I think they also look like deckchairs so will be perfect for spring and summer birthday presents!

Which one is you favourite?

Good Times - Other products

I was so excited to announce a new product in my range in December 2020 - notebooks!

I had been wanting to design some notebooks for a while as they are something I use lots of myself - you can never have enough notebooks when you make as many lists as I do!

I decided to go for a soft cover saddle stitched design with plain pages so that they are portable and can be used for anything - notes, sketches and journalling.

There are 2 signature floral designs and 2 striped versions with a motivational quote on each to encourage creativity or a task which I thought was perfect for the new year when they were launched.

These all had to meet my top 'most wanted' for notebooks - Bright and motivational covers - Sturdy enough for popping in your bag and transporting - Lightweight - so you can take it anywhere - Plain pages - more versatility - Opens flat - there's nothing worse when you can't make proper notes when your notebook won't open properly! I would like to do some more - which designs would you like to see on them?…

Good Times - Looking Forward

Doing something fun again and looking at what these designs could be in the future. I think these little pouches are so cute and could be used as pencil cases, make up or cosmetics bags.

What do you think?…

I love, love, love washi tape and patterned tape. How lovely would it be to have matching wrap and tape?!

Let me know what you think of this series!

Thanks, Christine

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